In a dystopian future ruled by kitten-overlords, Evans Mew struggles to make television that inspires his fellow kittizens without also getting himself executed.

KITTEN KABOODLE is a dystopian sci-fi comedy, set in a future where kittens have destroyed humanity and become the dominant life form on the planet. In Kittopia, EMPEROR CUTIE keeps the populace docile through intentionally dumb cat videos and constant video surveillance. When EVANS MEW is promoted to Head of Propaganda, he starts off excited to make all of the shows his fellow kittizens need to inspire them to greatness! But he soon realizes that every action he takes, no matter how well-intentioned, can throw Kittopia and his own life into turmoil. Create movies that are too inspiring, and kittens start rebelling. If they’re not inspired enough, the innocent kittizens are helpless against the Emperor’s nefarious whims and secret police of adorable bullies. At this rate, it won’t take long for the Emperor to realize that the person behind all his new woes is Evans himself!


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A NEW PRODUCTION COMPANY, NEWMYTHIC is the brainchild of Automaton Creative. Check out our animation reel here.

Rene Amador, Creative Director

Rene has 15 years experience as a filmmaker, digital marketer, and creative director. His first short, Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Movie, got 3 million views in 2002. He’s worked on the marketing for major releases like Transformers, TMNT, The Good German, American Idol, Sleepy Hollow and The X Factor. Since co-founding Automaton, Rene’s completed over 150 campaigns for brands like LEGO, Verizon, Starbucks, AT&T, Fox, Universal and Honda.

Jocelyn Hsu, Producer

Jocelyn has worked behind the scenes at Fox on some of the most engaging unscripted TV properties, including American Idol, MasterChef, So You Think You Can Dance, and more. She’s also made her mark running the Live App experience for NBC’s hit shows The Voice and America’s Got Talent. Since co-founding Automaton, she’s produced hundreds of commercial campaigns, shorts, and original series content.

Eric Navarrette, Head Writer

Eric has experience as a copywriter, producer, project manager, and has helped define and launch the branding for numerous tech start-ups. Some of the big names he’s worked with include The Voice, America’s Got Talent, The History Channel, Paramount, TNT, and Fox. With a focus on the future of technology and media, he’s recently forayed into digital content production as a live operations producer for second screen experiences.


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